Promotion Policy

Promotion Policy

1. Pupil absent in written examination for whatsoever reason is not re-examined. Oral exams, however can be pre-poned or postponed only in case it is notified in advance to the examination Incharge.

2. Pupil absent in any exam without advance information is considered as fail in that subject. However if school authorities feel the ircumstances to be unavoidable, average marks is given in not more than 2 subjects. Decision of authorities in this regard is treated as final.

3. No pupil is allowed to appear for the final exams if his/her class attendance is below 75%. Minimum marks of passing is 33%. In subjects involving practical/projects/assignment student have to qualify written exams separately.

4. Promotion is made at the end of school year on the basis of students performance in formative and summative assessment (Half Yearly and Final).

5. Double promotion in general are discouraged.

6. The answer scripts of the final exams is shown to the students or parents . However in special cases the principal may review the answer sheet on payment of some amount per subject in the office with consent of subject/class Incharge. Any such request for review has to be made through a written application within 3 days of the declaration of the results.