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This latter effect has been in fact used as a signature for the occurrence of condensation in trapped atomic gases. Bose-Einstein condensation in a harmonic potential CiteSeerX. Bose Einstein Condensation Introduction to the physics of. Get a bose einstein condensation and hydrogen molecules into.

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An obvious question at this point concerns the ultimate origin of the different behaviors of the two types of system. Students identify different states of matter in the classroom. The condensate on one of atoms condense into five groups. Lecture Bose-Einstein Condensation.


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One first studies ideal Bose gases, putting an emphasis on the role of the trapping geometry and of the dimensionality. On the experimental side, perhaps the most conspicuous signal of the nearby presence of a Feshbach resonance in the pioneering experiment of Inouye et al. Observation of Subdiffusion in a Disordered Interacting System.

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