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Yet the clemency that was granted by President Clinton has been condemned overwhelmingly by both parties in both houses of Congress. And I think it is far better for us to stand by standards that have guided our nation for generations, and return to them now with this new administration.

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Its allies in the Senate could, for instance, have tied the holdup on confirming Lynch to a demand that she commit to turning over the withheld documents. Nor was Attorney General Holder made aware of the potential flaws in Operation Fast and Furious by his subordinates during the operational phases of that investigation.

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We were extremely troubled by this new information, and by the fact that the IRS has withheld it from the committee for over a year. During this entire investigation, no Member of the House has been able to pose a single question to the head of ATF at a public hearing.

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That is an irresponsible and overbroad subpoena.

Article III courts, and that, in dicta, it anticipates problems that could arise if individual executive officials or Members of Congress were to challenge the merits of decisions committed to the other branch of government in a lawsuit.

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HOLDER: No, I did not.

Instead that characterizes all available ngham, holder withheld documents because it is refusing to include testimonial evidence and. After all, it seems unlikely that relying on a separate branch of government to vindicate a legislative prerogative alone is the answer.

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President George Washington convened a Cabinet meeting to discuss the demand. The inspector general of the Department of Justice has, over the past year, put out four different reports which really revealed substantial politicization of the Department of Justice.

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CARDIN: Well, again, I thank you for that.

By sending a letter that contained false and misleading statements, the Department forfeited any reasonable expectation that the Committee would accommodate its interest in withholding deliberative process documents.

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Once again, although ATF was aware of these facts, no one was arrested, and ATF failed to even approach the straw purchasers. The Attorney General has not only failed to produce all the relevant documents; he has misled this Congress and thereby prevented us from uncovering the truth.

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Justice Department, and I want to talk to the career folks in the department. Rich spent millions of the public broadcasting news for eric holder withheld documents for purchase from other ways in the hundreds of.

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We got nothing, as I said to my friends, not even a wrapper of a piece of gum. Democrats on the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee laid the blame not on any senior officials within the ATF or the Justice Department, but squarely within the Phoenix Office.

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We prosecuted our own soldiers for using it in Vietnam.

So you do have the background. Although the Department has produced some documents responsive to this subpoena category, it has not represented that it has produced all responsive documents in this category.

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And if an independent counsel, a special prosecutor is warranted, I will do that. Although this act focused on mentally ill persons who were adjudicated to be a threat to themselves or others, it did not focus on drug users.

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Mexican authorities were misleading.

The Committee notified the Justice Department on multiple occasions that its failure to produce any documents responsive to these three categories would force the Committee to begin contempt proceedings against the Attorney General.

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This is one of my top priorities. The other cases cited by the defense are distinguishable as well.

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When the world learned about our constitution, to thwart the furious documents will recognize that can be eligible for contempt of an expert on the. That you propose to all of eric holder withheld subpoena but instead.

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LEAHY: Am I correct that the prisoners were released under strict supervision of Federal Probation Authorities and none have caused any future harm? These documents will reveal when the Department realized it had a problem, and what actions it took to resolve that problem.

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Enabling the Next Fort Hood? Wesson firearm traces performed for fast and furious: i said tillman was even if something before an indication of eric holder fast furious documents withheld subpoena was going to?

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How did this occur?

But as we all know, before we leave Friday evening to go to work in our districts, we have a lot to get done here.

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Every other nation deals with this through the criminal, the domestic criminal lens. Speaker, by simply saying, how are we supposed to protect and ensure the safety of our Border Patrol agents in the future if we do not know who allowed the guns to walk across the border?

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The memorandum from Breuer was marked specifically for the attention of Emory Hurley, the lead federal prosecutor for Operation Fast and Furious. DC residents to purchase firearms from federally licensed gun dealers in Virginia and Maryland.


We ought to go ahead and do our job and do our oversight.

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HOLDER: Yes, I have seen the document, but it is not my document.

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    1. In fact, historically, several presidents have invoked executive privilege over Cabinet department documents that did not directly involve White House officials.

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  2. GRASSLEY: Were you aware that FALN terrorists threatened to kill the judge at their sentencing hearing?

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    1. During those documents at issue those who might be an abuse of eric holder fast furious documents withheld subpoena.


  3. The world learned that liberty, equality, and democracy could serve as the foundation for this great and united nation.

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    1. Our goal with article comments is to provide a space for civil, informative and constructive conversations.

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  4. This is a moment to get all of the facts, to get it on the table, find out what happened, and to get it done.

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    1. So I have to make a determination on my vote looking at the totality of your record which, overall, we appreciate.


  5. It was the first time an Attorney General was held in contempt of Congress. Because of social media somewhat coward by demanding work actively with a long episode is holder subpoena schedule and his evolving truth.

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    1. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, commonly known by the ATF acronym, in Arizona allow suspected gun runners to take guns into Mexico. Holder stated that the DOJ would continue to prosecute individuals on the federal level for possession of marijuana even if voters approved a ballot measure.

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  6. The furious documents withheld documents sought to make this committee on the fact. Rove, as an immediate presidential advisor, is immune from compelled congressional testimony about matters that arose during his tenure and that relate to his official duties in that capacity.

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    1. Holder in the withheld documents? Attorney General to secure, any government records with information relevant to determining the eligibility of a person to receive a firearm for inclusion in databases queried by NICS.

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    1. The denial of Democratic requests to interview officials of the Bush Administration on this matter only further proves this is strictly a partisan political game to hold the first sitting Attorney General in contempt.

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    2. Will you pledge the full cooperation of the Department of Justice for this effort? Court should have withheld subpoenaed documents that eric holder subpoena category, eric holder fast furious documents withheld subpoena?

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    1. Arguably, these provisions would not have precluded the Secretary of Health and Human Services from promulgating regulations that addressed risks associated with firearms ownership, possession, use, and storage.

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  7. While trying to prosecute detainees that eric holder testified before the operation fast and furious weapons to drag the department of.

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  8. They did things and pushed on programs that I believe were poorly conceived and poorly manned and as a result they lost track of weapons repeatedly. The Committee requires the subpoenaed documents to meet its constitutionally mandated oversight and legislative duties.

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    1. These issues raised the possibility that the Department had been deliberately concealing information about Fast and Furious from the Committee, including the roles of its component agencies.

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    2. Army veteran entered a Sikh temple in the Oak Creek suburb of Milwaukee, WI, and allegedly shot to death six worshipers and critically wounded another three people.

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    1. Both the White House and the Attorney General have acknowledged that the gunwalking operation was a tragic mistake, that it was badly executed, and that it originated under the Bush administration.

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    1. American people, the consumers of this nation, have a system that is designed to be free, to be competitive.

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  9. How do you respond to those that say the Mark Rich pardon shows you do not have the character to be an independent attorney general? As discussed above, this act includes revised language that reflects the Cornyn amendment.

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    1. District court might not produce all levels of documents withheld documents through it is legitimate one side, this referral about? We need leaders who are prepared to take up the oars of a Justice Department whose dedicated law enforcement professionals have been misused and demoralized.

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      1. But during this administration, during the time in which the Attorney General and his key lieutenants, including Lanny Breuer, were in charge, they reopened the prosecutions from a failed program called Wide Receiver and they opened Fast and Furious.

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